About us

ELL Department Mission

The English Language and Literature Department at the Ala-Too International University is designed to help and support students in their English language learning through reading, writing, and speaking courses. In addition, more detailed courses on the English language are offered, such as Linguistics, Stylistics, and Lexicology. In terms of literature, many courses in American and British literature are offered to expand their literary knowledge and put their language use into practice through the analysis of various texts. As many of our students go on to become English language teachers themselves, the ELL department offers in-depth courses in teaching and practice in different phases of pedagogical practicum. It is the department’s mission to ensure that students receive a proper education so they can become professionals in their field. We are committed to educating our students in a professional manner.

ELL Department Aims

The ELL Department aims to provide non-native English speaking students with detailed knowledge of the English language, as well as the various cultures of native English speakers in order for them to succeed in their post-graduate and future career lives.

ELL Department Objectives

The primary objective of the ELL Department is academic success across the board for our students. The secondary objectives are to ensure that our students gain the proper education necessary in the field of the English language, literature, and teaching.